Hi I’m Kyndal Irwin! I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and studied Radio/Television Communications at Roger State University in Claremore, OK. I love to shop (what girl doesn’t) spending time with my family, friends, and my boyfriend, country music, sushi, going to concerts, traveling, spending time at the lake and news. I am a news junkie!

When I was trying to decide what I wanted to study in school, it was pretty easy. I knew I wanted to do something that was changing everyday. Something that I didn’t have to sit in an office every day, I wanted to be out interacting with the community. I knew I wanted to be a news reporter. My dad has been a Tulsa Police Officer for over 30 years, and I was always fascinated with crime and news stories. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to intern at some amazing news stations in Tulsa. Personally I think you learn more when you are actually doing the things yourself, and that was the case for me and my internships. I learned SO MUCH from some incredibly talented people working in news.

I am excited for the next chapter in my life. I have one class in the Fall 2014 semester for my minor (Graphic Design) and then  I will be graduating in December 2014. I can’t wait to find a station where I can start my reporting career and bring news to the community.


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